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Car tracking devices mainly works via a GPS navigation where there is a good network connectivity as many device vary with networks some require high connectivity to work effeciently. Tracking devices can be installed anywhere on your car, motorcycle, or bicycle . some can be installed inside your car or outside depending on whether the divice is waterproof or not. At auto-trackers we provide fleet management services at very affordable prices . We would like to hear from you at anytime on our siteWe woweuld love to hear from you. We would love to hear from you.

1. LandAirSea 54

LandAirSea car tracker

This device is one of the best car tracking model devices as it’s up to the latest in terms of technology. Its equipped with 4G LTE tech. It’s waterproof and is built in super strength magnet hence improving its efficiency of work and also its own durability. LandAirSea 54 can be installed on the bumper, hood, or wheels of your car as it has a strong inbuilt magnet as it can fit anywhere on your car.

LandAirSea 54’s has a in-built accelerometer that turns the power on or off depending on whether the device is in motion. With its modern technology this you can access real time information and your car’s location using the device. It works on any location.


Americaloc resembles an android phone in design. This device keeps track of every tab on every information you would like about persons your vehicle and your belongings as it reports on everything about the car’s speed, the parking location as so much more . It can provide location updates from a short period as 10, 20, 30seconds according to your preferences and includes two months of free service with your first plan purchase. It has the simplest GPS interface with a straight forward installation process. This model device has a long lasting battery life that can last 14 days without being recharged. It works in USA, Canada and In Europe.


Prime tracking uses 4G LTE that provides instant up to date and reliable information. This device also keeps information about all history since its first installation on your car. This device also keeps you updated on every 10 seconds hence its ideal for keeping track of the elderly or whenever you want to keep on radar about your kids. This device also has an SOS button and a real time tracking and does not require any subscription to access features.

4. Tracki 2020 Model

This is one of the lightest car tracker models almost 1/3 of the other devices. It has SOS button for in case of an emergency the person can press the button and it’ll in turn notify the tracker with their real time location and information. Unlike other devices, this device provides an update on every 60 seconds. It also has an app where notifications are shared they can also share the same on their web page. The device is also easy to assemble and has a lifetime warranty and can be used worldwide on any place. This device provides history reports on locations, maps, and addresses previously visited.

5. Spytec GL300

As the word itself states Spytec is a small device with a discrete appearance hence it can fit anywhere when doing your installations as it can fit on any position. It tracks with Google maps providing real-time notifications with an option of geo-fence that keeps you up to date on every 5 seconds. Its one of the best tracking devices only that it works best only in places with T-mobile hence wont do well in places with a poor net connection. This device also offers a lifetime warranty and there are no cancellation reports. A monthly fee of 24.95USD is applicable.

6. Bouncie

Bouncie car tracker

Bouncie is the best alternative for a person who doesn’t like cashing out on the monthly subscriptions. This device uses your car’s OBD port power it conveniently uses. Bouncie is a first-class device that offers the essential features of real-time tracking, speed alerts, and sudden braking and acceleration notifications. It’s the cheapest car tracking devices as it only goes for 8USD per mont of subscription. This device provides a roadside assistance and does not need batteries for its functionality. This device is also efficient as it give you vehicle maintenance alerts.

7. Trak-4

Trak-4 car tracker

It’s a very durable device as its waterproof hence could be installed either inside your car or on the outside. This model gives you alerts through texts and also through email, geo-fencing, driving and location report history. It does not have very basic features. This device can be upgraded incase you need more additional features. This device comes with mounting holes for high security with a long battery life and is easy to install and used.

8. Optimus Tracker 2.0

Optimus car tracker

This model does not require any signatures and can be cancelled at any time. It comes with android a IOS which makes it easier to use. Eventhough many devices are easy to install this one takes a hard time to install it. Its comes with its own app with a user friendly encounter that runs so smoothly.This device contains SOS button, geo-fence and driving history. The most basic of this device provides updates on every 30 seconds with the most advanced ones providing updates on every 10 seconds and even a more accurate locating. As compared to other devices Optimus has a shorter battery life as it lasts only 7 days of full charge. It requires a monthly subscription according to your choice with the lowest prize being 19.95USD per month.

9. Vyncs

Vyncs car tracker

It’s the best tracker for persons dealing with international shipping or logistical businesses and works on both 2G and 3G networks and detects even the smallest wrong activity as it has an accurate accelerometer and a GPS chip.

This tracks device does not need any subscription once the installation payment is done.Its supported in more than 200 countries hence its more friendly. This device detects trips and generates mileage logs automatically it also provides regular maintenance reminders with an optional 24/7 road assistance.


Motorsafety car tracker

Motor safety is the best device when it comes to terms of monitoring new drivers and gets power from your car’s OBD port and does not require charging. It allows you to set up a geo-fence, curfew time, route history tracker, and lets you replay recent driving history to find out if the new driver has been driving the car carelessly. MotoSafety literally sends you a report card that summarizes your new driver’s driving performance upon request. This device also offers driving coach for teenagers to reinforce their driving experiences.

Motor safety requires a monthly subscription of 22.99USD and uses 4G network.

11.Carlock Anti-Theft Device

It’s another device that’s keeps track your teenagers who are not well experienced in the driving scene as it can track things like fast acceleration, sudden and hard braking and sharp turns incase of a turn or an emergency. This device also keeps track of your cars wellbeing and reports it in case of any dangers on your car reports that include low battery on your car and so much more. It doesn’t require charging as it uses your car’s OBD power port.

12.Amcrest AM-JL300

This is a simple tracker that requires charge that holds for 10-14 days and can be fixed on any location in your car Trunk, glove box and any other position that might be of interest to you. You can access the tracking software for real time updates on the location and speed of the vehicle at any time. It has a monthly subscription of 19.99USD and really serves you value for your own money.

The tracker majorly uses 2G network this might be disadvantageous as it does not use the newer 3G and 4G networks.

13.Logistimatics mobile 200

Logistimatics is a unique device as it has an inbuilt microphone for purposes of live audio monitoring with real-time GPS tracking that includes a 30 seconds update. It’s a small device and is easy to place on your car. It also has some inbuilt magnets making it easier to find a discrete location. This device can be monitored through android and IOS apps and also has a web browser.


Medaline is used the India newest technology, which has the advantages of small and exquisite volume, clear voice, long standby duration, simple operation, stable performance, easy installation and so on. It is mainly used for home monitoring; children, old people, pet supervision monitoring ;car, warehouse security tracking etc. Product Features: Power on : open the back cover, put the SIM card into the seats, then it is automatically power on

15.Tracker Retrieve

This includes a longlife battery with up to 5 years standby and operates with a unique VHF signal. Tracker retrieve has a inbuilt anti jamming with a nationwide support . This tracker is installed in containers and in underground carparks.This tracker goes at 149EUROS and is fully fitted inclusive of VAT.

16.Acumen Traders ST-901

This device is water proof and dustproof so it's easy for you to track your vehicle in any weather especially during the rainy season. Due to its waterproof characteristic, this device is durable with a 2-real time tracking with a live vehicle location. Its speed and play power are powered by Google street and satellite it also has a geo-fence that creates unlimited geo fence that helps you keep your vehicle safe at anytime.

17.Garmin E Trex10

Garmin is a rugged hand tracker with a worldwide base map. Garmin has a 2.2 monochrome display and is easy to read. Garmin has a 25-hour battery life with AA batteries which is the most dependable GPS. Garmian locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its GPS location even in deep woods and in buildings.


This is an advanced technology device that provides safety and security to your vehicle. It does not use battery hence it does not have a lot dependency on charging it. ReyEon has an SOS with a speed monitoring and a 60 day history and offers a real time tracking. RelyEon has a safe mode anti-theft and a fuel detector.

19. ZASCO ZT-901

This water proof tracking device with an inbuilt battery. It can be installed in your SUV car or on your bicycle with antitheft. This device has a 1 year replacement warranty. It has no display but is with a voice command, GPRS connectivity and a 10 day replacement policy. It has 30 Days vehicle detail running history report and Android app based tracking and desktop/laptop web portal tracking. Zasco has a geo fence and a motion sensor.

20.Acumen Y 300

Y 300 is a Real Time Tracking- it will give you joy of real Tracking with live Vehicle Location, Speed and route play powered by Google street and satellite Map. Engine Cut OFF – This device come with engine cut off feature that provide your vehicle a next label security In case of theft you can shut off your vehicle engine in one swap from Mobile . Electric Geo fence – In this device you can create unlimited geo fence. It will help you to keep eye on your valuable and your family and kids as well as your vehicle.4- History detailed Report – you can see 90 days old vehicle report with all detail like total distance, top speed, minimum speed.

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