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About Us

Tracking with Diligence is dedicated to great innovative car tracking solutions in Kenya and beyond. Our pillars are technology, great customer service and innovation. We pride ourselves to be serving hundreds of satisfied customers. Our services are on site and offsite, meaning we are able to visit clients where ver they are to deliver our services without having them to visit our offices.

Our Story

When we started Auto-trackers, we did so because of the shocking revelation we got of how many people out thee have sleepless nights simply because they do not know the whereabouts of their cars or vehicles. It therefore seemed like we were saving the world when we started tracking some people's cars and enabling them achieve peace of mind.

Well, we did not really save the world, but we still do save our customers a lot of stress and anxiety by connecting our tracking deices to their phones. This means they are able to know the locations of their vehicles at any point in time. We hope we save you from stress as well.

Our Clients

Below are some of the corporate clients we have served recently.

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