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Auto-trackers is the leading car tracking company in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We also provide fleet management services at very affordable prices.

Keep your car safe with a 24hrs GPS tracking system 

Stop worrying about your vehicle being stolen or mismanaged by your employees. Gain control on our fleet by knowing their exact locations thereby reducing fuel costs and ensuring timely delivery of goods.

Remember, the risk of your vehicle being stolen is real. Since you love your car or any other vehicle, ensure it has a tracker. Car tracking devices make you feel safe and secure knowing your financial position or that of your business can not take a hit because of theft or misuse.


That is why you need our GPS tracking system today.

How GPS Tracking works

Vehicle GPS tracking involves a series of steps that together work to provide security for your vehicle. The GPS(Global positioning System) is a radio navigation sytem that uses 24 salelites worldwide to provide precise locations of propery connected to them. A GPS tracking devise inserted on a vehicle therefore means that you can always work out its precise location anywhere on the globe. Our trackers are high quality and come with a list of managed services at no extra cost

Reasons to let us install a tracker on your vehicle

  1. To get peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.

  2. 24 hours suport and cutomer care.

  3. Our car trackers are reliable and long lasting.

  4. We have over 10 years experience in car tracking.

  5. You can have the tracker integrated on your mobile to see the location of your vehicle anywhere, anytime.

  6. Fast and easy recovery in case of theft.

  7. Car Tracking Via SMS and GPRS from Mobile Phone or Computer

  8. SOS panic button

  9. Engine cut off directly from Mobile Phone or Computer

  10. Exact location of a stolen vehicle and Continuous Monitoring

  11. User Name and Password to access our Online Vehicle Tracking System

  12. Setting of Custom Alerts such as Speeding Alerts

  13. Internal Power Backup up to 3 days

  14. Mileage Reports

  15. Vehicle Location Using Mobile Phone

  16. Power Disconnection Alert and Backup

  17. Vehicle Stay Details/Idle Time Reports

  18. Real-time Location Reports

  19. Speed Reports

  20. History Reports and Vehicle Route Playback

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is GPS Tracking - GPS (Global Positioning System) is a radio navigation system that together works with GPS receivers to track the precise location of a GPS tracking devise. This technology is the one Auto-Tracker makes available to customers like you so that you can track the location of your vehicle in real time.

  2. What Should I do When Vehicle is Stolen? - You should inform Auto-Tracker immediately you get knowledge of such an unfortunate event. We will then use the GPS tracker to turn off the engine and locate the location of your vehicle. We will then advise on further steps such as reporting to the police. We will wlk with you all stes of the way till your vehicle is recovered.

  3. What if The Car is Switched off? - Our tracking devises come with independent batteries that last for over 72 hours without the engine running. A report is still transmittable to the system within those days. That is why you should not wait for days before you report to us in case you lose your vehicle.

  4. Can I Monitor My Vehicle on My Computer or Laptop? - Yes.

  5. Can I get Vehicle Reports of the Previous Week or Month? - Location reports generated by our tracking software are stored on servers that are safe. The tracking information reports can be generated for previous days or months.

  6. Who Installs The Vehicle Tracking Device? - Our team of technicians do the tracking devise installations for your vehicle. You do not need any external paarties to do the job. At no extra fee of course.

  7. Can I track My Vehicle from My Mobile Phone? - Yes. An app is available to enable you track your vehicle on phone.

  8. Can I Stop My Vehicle at Any Time I Want? - Of course you can. So long as you have the username and password for our system, you can stop your vehicle by simply sending a text to the system.

  9. Can I Confine My Vehicle Within a specified area like Nairobi Metropolitan Only? - Yes, there is a feature that allows exactly that. It is called Geo-fencing. The feature send you atext once your vehicle moves out of the specified zone.

  10. Can I Track The Route Where My Vehicle travelled During The Day? - Our Vehicle tracking system will highlight the route of where your vehicle has been, where it stopped and for how long it stopped.

  11. Can I Monitor Fuel Consumption of My Vehicle? - Yes.

  12. Can I Track My Vehicle From Outside Kenya? - Yes, the technology is international and as long you have access to the internet you can track your vehicle from anywhere in the world and wherever it might be.


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